How Often Should You Have Your Fire Alarms Tested?

How Often Should You Have Your Fire Alarms Tested?

Aug 23 2023 11:34AM

Fire alarms are crucial for the safety of your building and its occupants. You need to make sure they are working properly and regularly tested. Here is how often you should test your fire alarms.

Every Day

You should do some simple checks every day to keep your systems in good condition. The panel should be visually inspected by a staff member every morning to make sure the fire alarm is fully functional and the building is safe to use. If a problem is detected, this will allow you to clear the building and do a quick risk assessment so that everyone can resume work as soon as possible.

Every Week

Some of the most important testing of a fire alarm system happens every week. You should test fire alarms weekly to make sure the system is performing as expected. It is also important that the people in the building recognize the sound of the alarm and what it means.

Make sure that different call points are tested each week in rotation and that every single call point is tested at least once a year as a minimum requirement.

Every Six Months

Every six months, you should have your fire alarm systems fully serviced by an engineer. They will identify any hidden issues and advise on how to fix them quickly for your convenience. Any repairs should be recorded and kept as a record.

Should I Be Trained?

While testing fire alarms does not require special training or knowledge, you should provide some training to the person or people doing the weekly testing. While the testing itself is fairly easy, initial instruction is essential to ensure that it is done correctly every time. You should also keep a record of testing for both your reference and legal compliance.

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