Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors are a hugely important part of a building's fire safety equipment, where such doors can prevent and slow the spread of a fire, whilst protecting fire escape routes.

For these reasons, it's essential that fire doors should be fit for purpose and function as effectively as possible. This is where having regular fire door inspections is vital.

The Importance Of A Fire Door Inspection

Having a fire door inspection carried out by competent persons is a necessary requirement, according to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Also referred to as the RRO or FSO, this order also makes it a legal requirement to ensure that fire doors are properly installed, as well as regularly maintained.

Ensuring fire doors are in serviceable condition could save lives in the event of a fire, so the importance of regular fire door inspections should never be underestimated.

What Does A Fire Door Inspection Involve?

A fire door inspector will assess each fire door within your building.

An inspection will be very thorough and will include a detailed fire door inspection checklist of every component on, and surrounding, the fire door. Inspectors will assess the doorframe, hinges, hardware, glazing, apertures, door leaf, door selector, self-closer and the structural integrity of the door.

The protective features around the door will also be closely scrutinised, such as the door strips and seals. Plus, a measurement of the gaps between the door and frame, and threshold gaps, will be taken to check that the fire door complies with the necessary requirements.

As well as checking the door itself, during a fire door inspection, an assessor will take a good look at fire safety signage to make sure that it is fully compliant with existing regulations.

Frequency Of Inspections

The BS 9999 code of practice for fire safety recommends that fire door inspections could be carried out by professionals around every six months. However, this may need to be done more frequently, such as every month, for those doors that get a lot of use. This is because any slight change to a door, particularly through heavy use, could undermine its effectiveness to do its job properly in the event of a fire.

Additionally, fire doors fitted in new build premises should be assessed more regularly during the first year of use.

As well as receiving professional fire door inspections twice per year, property managers should get into the habit of carrying out weekly inspections of the building's fire doors themselves. If you're not sure what kind of things you should be looking for, it's worth getting hold of a fire door inspection checklist which should detail everything you need to be aware of. Should you notice any problems with a fire door before a six-monthly check-up is due, make sure to call out an inspector immediately or a professional who can remedy the issue.

At our leading fire door inspections UK business, our experts at Arion can carry out a detailed inspection of the fire doors in your commercial premises, in accordance with the FSO regulations, as well as the relevant DCLG Fire safety guide, and taking into account BS 8214:2016 and BS 9999 codes of practice. Get in touch today.


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