Managed Fire Drills

Fire drills are an essential part of a company's fire safety procedures so that in the event of a fire, anyone present within a building knows precisely what to do to be evacuated safely.

The Importance Of Fire Drills

The importance of fire drills can't be understated. Yet, many business owners might not have the time or know-how to conduct fire drills on a regular basis. However, this is something that can't be skipped or put to one side. Indeed, it's a legal requirement of The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order of 2005 that employers undertake fire safety training and know what to do in the event of a fire.

Professionally Managed Fire Drills

No matter how busy you are, there is help at hand when it comes to making sure you are able to effectively carry out a safe evacuation if a fire did break out. With managed fire drills organised by professionals possessing a wealth of experience in fire safety training, you can be assured that your fire evacuation procedures are up to scratch.

What's Involved In A Managed Fire Drill Procedure?

Managed fire drills differ from standard drills as they simulate real-life situations.

Experts will take you through all the aspects involved with a fire drill procedure. This will include planning and monitoring the fire drill, risk assessing each individual situation and premises, as well as executing a real-life simulation of an actual fire.

To make the managed drill feel realistic, experts will incorporate smoke machines into the scenario, to assess how your employees would react if smoke was present in a building in real life. Because fires can happen at any time of the day, managed drills can also be conducted at night.

Evacuations will ensure that during the drill those taking part know how to respond in a calm manner, which routes to take to make a fast and safe exit, and where to go once they have safely exited a building. A report will be written outlining corrective measures required should it be needed

Once the managed fire drill procedure has been carried out, expert trainers can provide businesses with a detailed written report. Fire safety training can also be given to those who are responsible for managing fire safety and evacuation.

How Often Should A Fire Drill Be Performed?

One of the key questions many business owners ask is how often should fire drills be conducted? Essentially, drills should be carried out at least once per year, or ideally, twice annually. After all, nobody knows when a fire could break out, so being fully prepared and aware at all times is crucial. A separate drill should be carried out to cover every shift.

However, if you make any changes to a building, or you have a frequent turnover of staff, you should look at carrying out fire drills more often than this to make sure everyone is up to date with current procedures and processes for particular premises.

At Arion, our fire safety experts can provide both standard and managed fire drills, giving you peace of mind that you'll know precisely what to do if a fire did occur. Contact us today.


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