Fire extinguisher Installation & Maintenance

Fire Extinguisher Servicing, Installation, and Commissioning:

Fire Extinguisher Servicing:

Regular servicing of fire extinguishers is crucial to ensure they function correctly during an emergency. The service includes a thorough inspection for any signs of damage or corrosion, checking the pressure gauge, and ensuring the extinguisher is fully charged and ready for use. In the UK it is a legal requirement for fire extinguishers to be serviced annually by a competent person, as per the British Standard BS 5306-3.

Fire Extinguisher Installation:

The installation process involves placing fire extinguishers in strategic locations throughout a building to ensure they are easily accessible in case of a fire. They should be mounted at the correct height on walls or placed on stands, as specified by BS 5306-8:2012. Care is also required to ensure that they are not installed to close to fire hazards. The installation should be carried out by a competent fire extinguisher service engineer to ensure compliance with regulation.

Fire Extinguisher Commissioning:

Commissioning is the first step after installation, where a qualified engineer performs a series of checks to certify that the extinguisher is fit for purpose and ready for use. This includes attaching the discharge nozzle, checking the tamper device, verifying the pressure gauge is in the green zone, weighing the extinguisher, and recording the information on a label affixed to the extinguisher. Commissioning ensures that the extinguisher is ready for use and complies with BS 5306-3

Workplace Fires in the UK:

Workplace fires pose a significant risk, with around 22,000 incidents reported each year in the UK, averaging about 423 fires per week. These statistics underscore the importance of having properly installed, commissioned, and serviced fire extinguishers to mitigate the risks and protect lives and property.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing, Installation & Commissioning

What can Arion do for you:

Our team of certified engineers are equipped with the necessary qualifications, training, and experience to expertly install, commission, and maintain fire extinguishers in your premises. We possess all the essential equipment, tools, and up-to-date information required to fulfil your fire safety needs effectively.

During the installation process, we adhere strictly to fire safety guidelines to ensure that extinguishers are positioned at the optimal height and location, complete with clear signage. Drawing from our experience as fire risk assessors, when visiting a new site we will carry out a comprehensive site survey to ascertain the specific types of extinguishers your building requires, guaranteeing a tailored solution that aligns with your exact needs.

As proficient fire extinguisher specialists, we prioritise efficiency to deliver a service that is both high-quality and cost-effective. We do not bind our clients to contracts, offer our basic service starting at a competitive £6 per extinguisher.

Our engineers carry out a meticulous inspection of the extinguisher’s body, safety devices, valves, operating mechanisms, and gauges to identify any signs of wear or damage, which is all included within our basic price. We routinely replace ‘O’ rings and tamper seals/tags and verify that the weight of the extinguisher falls within the acceptable range.

We service all varieties of fire extinguishers in accordance with BS 5306 Part 3 standards, ensuring full compliance. Additionally, our qualified fire risk assessors are available to conduct a thorough site survey, providing expert advice on the appropriate type and quantity of fire extinguishers for your premises.


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