Managed Fire Drills

Managed Fire Drills

Managed Fire Drills:

The importance of Managed Fire Drills:

Fire drills are not just a routine exercise; they are a critical component of fire safety training. They prepare individuals to respond quickly and effectively, ensuring a safe evacuation during a fire emergency. By conducting regular fire drills, employees become well-versed in the evacuation procedures, reducing panic and confusion when every second counts.

Legal Requirements:

In the UK, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mandates that “employees are provided with adequate safety training”. As highlighted in government guidance “Once the emergency plan has been developed and training given, you will need to evaluate its effectiveness. The best way to do this is to perform a fire drill. This should be carried out at least annually or as determined by your fire risk assessment.”

Benefits of Managed Fire Drills:

  • Effective Preparation: Familiarises staff with evacuation routes and procedures.
  • Compliance with Law: Meets legal requirements, avoiding potential fines and legal issues.
  • Identification of Weaknesses: Reveals areas for improvement in the evacuation plan.
  • Enhanced Safety: Increases the likelihood of a safe and efficient evacuation in a real emergency.


What can Arion do:

At Arion, we offer comprehensive managed fire drill services that simulate realistic fire evacuation scenarios. Our fire safety experts assist with every stage of the drill, from the initial planning and risk assessment to conducting the drill with added realism, such as the use of smoke machines.

Post Drill Analysis:

Following the drill, we provide a detailed report highlighting areas of improvement and any necessary corrective actions. We also offer tailored fire safety training for those responsible for managing fire safety and evacuation procedures and can provide drill within a package of safety training.

Our goal is to ensure that your organisation is fully prepared for an emergency. With Arion’s managed fire drills, you can rest assured that your staff will know exactly what to do to protect themselves in an emergency.

For more information on our managed fire drill services or to schedule a drill, please contact us. Let us help you build a culture of safety and preparedness.

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