Signage Surveys & Installation

Signage Surveys & Installation

Signs are important, helping to provide vital information in the event of a fire.

Fire safety is a crucially important feature of any company’s operations, as the outbreak of fire could not only cause significant damage to a building and its assets, but it could cause harm to life.

One of the key components of a company’s fire safety strategy is to have the correct and appropriate fire safety signage in place. However, this involves much more than just dotting a few signs around a building.

Possible Issues

While a commercial property might think they are complying with the fire signage they have displayed, a professional fire signage survey could flag up issues the business owner might not have been aware of.

For instance, some business owners assume that putting up lots of fire signs around a building, in various different locations, is the best policy to help direct people to the nearest fire exits, etc, but having too many signs may be just as bad as not having enough. Overuse of signage could cause confusion or inconsistency in the messaging, especially if there is a mixture of old and new signs or different formats and designs.

Some signs might also not be as clearly visible as they ought to be, perhaps if they have faded through age, or wear and tear. It’s also important to remember that fire safety signage should be clearly visible, even in low light conditions, so if yours aren’t, you could be falling foul of the regulations.

Obtaining Fire Signage Guidance

Businesses who want to make sure they have robust fire safety signage in place that meets all current regulations should seek fire signage guidance from fire signage UK experts.

Professionals that understand the ins and outs associated with correct usage and placement of fire signage are able to conduct full surveys of premises to assess whether a business is compliant with its fire safety signage.

What’s Involved In A Fire Safety Signage Survey?

During a fire safety signage survey, experts will take a good look around your building at key points to identify whether existing signage is in place and that it is clear and easy to follow. This includes Prohibition, Warning, Mandatory and Emergency signage. Signage should also be displayed to be visible to all, such as above doors so that people can be directed out of the building to a safe place, as fast as possible.

A survey expert will also identify areas where an additional, replacement or new signage may be needed.

Arion To The Rescue

With a wealth of experience in all-things fire safety signage related, as well as understanding the relevant and current fire safety regulations, the experts at Arion are in a prime position to carry out a full fire safety signage survey of your premises. Our highly trained team of experts are able to advise where correct signage should be placed, if necessary, and can even carry out the installation of fire safety signage, so you can have complete peace of mind that your company is fully compliant.

Get in touch with our professional fire signage UK business today.


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