Signage Surveys & Installation

Signage Surveys & Installation

Signs are important, helping to provide vital information in the event of a fire.

What is Fire Signage and the reasons a survey may be needed

Fire signage is a collection of visual signs and symbols that provide clear and concise fire safety information, including evacuation routes, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and other important fire-related information. Fire signage is an essential part of any fire safety strategy as it helps people quickly and easily identify and navigate to the nearest emergency exits and equipment in the event of a fire. It is important that fire signage is properly designed, installed and maintained as it can significantly reduce the risk of injury or death during a fire emergency.

Although a commercial property may believe that it meets the requirements for fire safety signage, a professional survey may reveal issues that the business owner was unaware of. For example, some owners may think that placing numerous fire signs in different locations is the best way to direct people to emergency exits, but excessive signage could cause confusion or inconsistent messages, especially if there is a mix of old and new signs or different formats and designs. In addition, signs can become less visible over time due to wear and tear or fading, and it is important to ensure that fire signs remain clearly visible in low light conditions to comply with regulations.

Businesses who want to make sure they have robust fire safety signage in place that meets all current regulations should seek fire signage guidance from fire signage UK experts. Professionals that understand the ins and outs associated with correct usage and placement of fire signage are able to conduct full surveys of premises to assess whether a business is compliant with its fire safety signage.

How can Arion help you?
At Arion we provide comprehensive fire signage surveys to ensure that our clients are compliant with current regulations and have the correct and appropriate fire safety signage in place. Our team of experts can identify any potential problems or areas for improvement and provide guidance on the correct use and placement of fire signage.

Our fire signage surveys involve a thorough inspection of the client's building, checking the existing signage for clarity and visibility. We can then identify areas where additional or replacement signage may be required and recommend the best course of action.

Our aim is to help our clients ensure the safety of their staff and visitors in the event of a fire, and to provide them with peace of mind that their fire safety strategy is effective and compliant.

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