Accident Investigation & Disaster Recovery

Accident Investigation & Disaster Recovery

Accidents are extremely difficult for all involved. However, following an accident we can help you with the present situation, allowing you to move forward to a better future.

We’ll help you navigate the turmoil and assist with meeting various associated authorities.

Accident Investigation

Nobody wants an accident, but unfortunately accidents happen. These accidents can be disruptive, distressing and costly. However, we can learn from our mistakes, and to do this, a thorough accident investigation is needed.

In-depth accident investigation is both a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and a significant aid to identify the contributing/causal factors of the accident. The investigations help pinpoint the most obvious reasons for the event, as well as the underlying causes, the root problems, and the organisational faults that have led to the accident.

Once contributory factors are identified we can work with you to create an action plan which will prevent the incident (and possibly others) from occurring again - saving you time and money in the future!

Our investigators will supervise investigations and work with your staff professionally and sensitively, giving you time to run your business. We will work with your insurers and loss adjusters, taking the burden from you.

The Labour Force survey states that over 40 million working days are lost due to accidents, with an estimated cost of £2.5 billion. For every £1.00 covered by insurance, £36.00 is not – instead, paid by the business. As the Chairman of Easy Group remarked:

“If you think safety is expensive, try an accident”.

Disaster Management & Recovery

Managing and recovering your business after an accident can be no easy feat. Getting your company on the road to recovery can be hard work, time-consuming and expensive.

However, Arion can help.

Our experienced team will be able to get your disaster cleared up, and your business back operating smoothly, as soon as possible. There are no easy solutions to accidents and disasters but knowing where to start and who to turn to is a great step in the right direction.

At Arion we make it our priority to achieve results; helping clients through disaster management and recovery so that their businesses may come out on the other side. When you need us, we will be there, any time, day or night.

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