SSIP Accreditations

SSIP Accreditations:

SSIP stands for Safety Schemes in Procurement, and it is an umbrella organisation that assesses and approves health and safety assessment schemes for contractors and suppliers, mainly in the construction industry. SSIP was founded in 2009 with the aim of reducing the cost and duplication of health and safety compliance by promoting mutual recognition among its member schemes. SSIP is supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015.

SSIP accreditation is needed because it demonstrates that a contractor or supplier has met the core criteria for health and safety assessment, which are based on the CDM 2015 Regulations and the SSIP Forum’s guidance. By obtaining SSIP accreditation, a contractor or supplier can prove to potential clients that they have a robust and effective health and safety management system in place, and that they are competent and capable of carrying out the work safely. SSIP accreditation also benefits clients, as they can easily verify the health and safety credentials of contractors and suppliers through the SSIP Portal, which is a centralised database of over 80,000 SSIP-certified businesses.

SSIP accreditation can also save time and money for both contractors and clients, as it eliminates the need for multiple health and safety assessments by different schemes. SSIP operates a Deem to Satisfy (DtS) agreement, which means that if a contractor or supplier has a valid SSIP accreditation from one member scheme, they are automatically recognised by all other member schemes, subject to the correct details being displayed on the SSIP Portal. This reduces the paperwork, fees, and resources involved in the pre-qualification process, and allows contractors and suppliers to focus on delivering quality work.

How can Arion help you?

As a company, Arion can help you to achieve these accreditations without the headaches that are often caused by some of the questions and standards that are needed. Our Health and Safety team will complete the accreditations on your behalf, working with you, to upload the correct information required to become registered as quick as possible.

By letting us complete the application it gives you time to focus on the really important matters.

If you are unsure as to which SSIP accreditation you should be working towards please phone our advisors on 01529 413347 as they will be able to talk you through each one, and together we will be able to make a suitable decision for the needs of your company.

Get in touch and speak to one of our professionals. Contact us today!


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