Face Fit Test Solution

Face Fit Testing

Many jobs that we carry out in the workplace, as well as many products, produce dusts, fumes and vapours that are harmful to the human body.

In fact, anything we breath into our lungs is harmful in some way, too much of these compounds and chemicals can lead to disease, life changing conditions and eventually, death.

Masks are one of the ways to protect our lungs, even with extractions or outside we can breathe in harmful compounds.

If you risk assessment identifies that you need a mask, it must be face fit tested. A face fit test ensures that the mask you wear fits correctly and will protect you. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 and RPE guidance, state all tight-fitting masks must be face fit tested.

Our face fit testers can identify the right kind of standards of masks and filters that you need and will ensure that they fit your staff correctly.

‘There are currently, in the UK, 3,500,000 people suffering from conditions and disease that will shorten their lives or prevent them from living a “normal” life.

A properly fitted mask may prevent ¾ of these deaths.’

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